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Our mix of house beer and guest taps rotate often, so it's always good to
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Beers on Today
Station 1 IPA (Station 1 / Green Bay) 6.8%
This exceptionally drinkable IPA combines the fresh grapefruit-peel and funky resin character of two classic American hops strains, with lightly toasted malt backing their clean, snappy bitterness.
Blonde Belgian Ale (Nobel Roots / Green Bay) 7.1%
Silver Cream Pilsner (Railhouse / Marinette) 4.7%
Wisco Hard Seltzer - Tropical Thai Teaberry (Stillmank / Green Bay) 4.5%
Hazy IPA (City Lights / Milwaukee) 7%
Guava Juiced IPA (Stillmank / Green Bay) 4.6%
Fantasy Factory IPA (Karben4 / Madison) 6.3%
Dairyland Amber (Stubborn Brothers / Shawano)
Eastside Dark Lager (Lakefront / Milwaukee) 5.8%
Unite the Clans Scottish Ale (Third Space / Milwaukee) 5.8%
Nut Brown Ale (South Shore / Ashland) 5.8%
Edmund Fitzgerald Porter (Great Lakes / Cleveland Ohio) 6.0%
(Bottle) Heineken 0.0 NA (Various) 0.0%
(Can) Frog Weiss Fruited Sour (Third Space / Milwaukee) 5.0%
(Can) Riverwest Stein NA (Lakefront / Milwaukee) 0.0%
(Bottle) New Grist Gluten Free  (Lakefront / Milwaukee) 5.1%
(Can) Triple Jam (Blake's Hard Cider / Michigan) / 6.5%
Beers on Yesterday and Maybe Tomorrow
Station 1 Blonde 6.8% (Station 1 / Suamico)

400 Honey Blonde Ale (Titletown / Green Bay) 4.5%

Bat$h!t Crazy Coffee Brown Ale (Mob Craft / Milwaukee) 5.6%

Bent Tuba Octoberfest (Titletown / Green Bay)  6.0%

Blueberry Wheat (Hinterland / Green Bay) 5.4%

Cabin Fever Pale Honey Bock (New Glarus / New Glarus) 6.0%

Casper White Stout (Whole Hog / Stevens Point) 6.1%

Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter NITRO (Copper State / Green Bay) 5.9%

City Lights Hazy IPA (City Lights / Milwaukee) 7%

City Lights Coconut Porter (City Lights / Milwaukee) 5.3%

Dark Helmet Schwartzbier Lager (Titletown Green Bay) 5.5

Door County Cherry Wheat (Hinterland / Green Bay) 5.4%

Down N Dirty Milk Stout (Tyranena / Lake Mills) 6.5%

Green 19 IPA (Titletown / Green Bay)  6.5%

Happy Place Pale Ale (Third Space / Milwaukee) 5.3%

Hinterland Octoberfest Vienna Lager (Hinterland / Green Bay) 5.8%

Luna Coffee Stout Nitro (Hinterland / Green Bay) 5.8%

Kozmic Kolsch (Hinterland / Green Bay) 5%

Luna Coffee Stout  (Hinterland / Green Bay) 5.8%

Little Soldier Amber Ale (Ahnapee / Green Bay) 5.5%

Loop Station (Eagle Park / Milwaukee) 4.8%

Midnight Confection Chocolate Stout (Nobel Roots / Green Bay) 6.8%

Moon Man Pale Ale (New Glarus / New Glarus) 5.0%

Polka King Porter (Door County / Bailey's Harbor)  5.3%

Schnitzky Wheat Beer (Petskull / Manitowoc) 5.5%

Spotted Cow (New Glarus / New Glarus) 4.8%

Staghorn Octoberfest (New Glarus / New Glarus) 6.25%

Stilt Stepper IPA (Copper State / Green Bay) 5.6%

Outta the Blue (Railhouse / Marinette) 4.7%

Point Bock (Stevens Point Brewing / Stevens Point) 5.2%

Perky Porter English Porter (Stillmank / Green Bay) 7%

Riverwest Stein Amber (Lakefront / Milwaukee) 6.0%

Shawano Club Pilsner (Stubborn Brothers / Shawano) 5.2%

Two Stall Milk Stout (Ahnapee / Green Bay) 5.5%

Upward Spiral IPA (Third Space / Milwaukee) 6.5%

Widow Maker Black Ale (Keweenaw / Houghton, Michigan) 5.2%

Wisconsin Amber Lager (Capital / Middleton) 5.2%

Yard Games IPA (Zambaldi / Green Bay) 5.3%



Moscow Mule: 8
Tito's vodka, sweet & spicy Q ginger beer, and a lime.

Vodka Tonic: 8
Tito's vodka, Q tonic, and a lime.

Q tonic with your choice of gin:

Engine Gin: 8
ENGINE is a London dry gin hand-crafted by master distillers, produced in small batches and bottled by hand in the Alta Langa region, in north-western Italy. Its formula is linked with Italian and Piedmont tradition, paying tribute to rosolios, cordials and liquors made from sage and lemonwhich in the past were ancient digestive remedies. It is produced with 100% organic Italian ingredients.

Amass Dry Gin: 10
Amass Dry Gin crafted in Downtown L.A., Amass Dry Gin is a citrus-forward, herbaceous spirit balanced with earthy umami notes from Reishi mushroom and lion’s mane mushroom.

Hendricks: 10
An unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor resulting in an impeccably smooth distinct gin.

Solveig Anna's Garden: 10

Herbaceous dill balanced by earthy angelica and the zip of fresh lemon. Complex and concentrated, this gin is crafted to add depth to spring’s long drinks.

Solveig: 10
Offering a nose of citrus, pine cones and a hint of lavender, Solveig combines a creamy entry with an almost ethereal lightness on the palate. Complex and concentrated in the glass after twenty-four hours of air, the gin shows exceptional balance in the mid-palate, with added flavors of thyme and coriander. The finish is rich, persistent, and almost cool, with lingering notes of black olives and fresh grain

Tom Cat: 12

An ode to the hardworking bees of the Northeast. Each batch is distilled in our custom-built botanical extraction still. The juniper-forward botanicals are brought to a perfect balance by the floral depth of the raw honey. The results are distinctive and unparalleled.

Brockman's: 10
Traditional notes of gin are combined with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild berries. Bulgarian coriander plays its part, providing an aromatic, gingery orange top note.


2 oz. pour served neat or on a rock

Brother's Bond:  10
Elegant and exceptionally smooth, complex & balanced taste with a touch of sweetness & spice.
Bowman Brothers: 12
John J., Abraham, Joseph, and Isaac Bowman were Virginia militia officers in the American Revolutionary War. This hand-crafted bourbon whiskey is a tribute to their heroism. Our Bowman Brothers Small Batch Bourbon is distilled three times using the finest corn, rye, and malted barley, producing distinct hints of vanilla, spice, and oak.
Heaven's Door:  10 (Currently Unavailable)
Aged at lest 6 years, Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey begins with a nose of baked bread, buttered popcorn, and dried fruit with a smooth and lasting finish of caramel, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Rye Whiskey
2 oz. pour served neat or on a rock
Heaven's Door:  10
Elegant and exceptionally smooth, complex & balanced taste with a touch of sweetness & spice.  2 oz pour served neat or on a rock..
Piggyback:  8
Nose: Fresh cinnamon, black peppercorn, a hint of tangerine and grapefruit zest.  Palate: Powerfully spicy, with cocoa, cardamom and cured leather flavors.  Finish: Wonderfully lengthy, with baking spices, vanilla and hints of citrus.
Roknar:  9 (Currently Unavailable)
Roknar marries aromas of brown sugar and cinnamon with vanilla bean, roasted almonds and freshly sawn oak. These scents are precisely restated as flavors on a butter-smooth palate, with additional notes of smoked ham and balsa wood. Finishing with a hint of soft-baked pretzels, Roknar lingers cheerfully with a warming note of star anise.
2 oz. pour served neat or on a rock
Macallan 12 Yr:  14
Known for its full-flavored yet smooth character, the 12 Years Old is a testament to the superior quality achieved through continued use of Golden Promise barley and The Macallan's insistence on aging its whisky in sherry casks.
Balvenie 12 Yr:  14
The Balvenie DoubleWood Speyside is a single malt whisky with a smooth mellow taste with nutty sweetness, cinnamon spiciness and a layer of sherry.
Peat Monster: 10
THE PEAT MONSTER boasts a spectrum of powerful coastal flavours, combining the smokiness of a driftwood fire with more medicinal peat notes. Orchard fruits and rich cask-derived creaminess balance the multi-layered smoke.


Cabernet Sauvignon
Klinker Brick: 12 glass / 36 bottle
The Klinker Brick Cab exhibits dark garnet color, intense blueberry aromas with hints of cassis and supple dark cherry on the palate. Fully integrated and well balanced, this wine has great tannin with a long, lingering finish.

Red Blend (NEW!)
M. Chapoutier Cotes-du-Rhone Belleruche Rouge:
 9 glass / 27 bottle
This red blend from the Rhone Valley in France is a deep garnet red color. The aromas are intense, fruity (blackcurrant/ raspberry) and complemented by notes of white pepper. On the palate, this wine is juicy, powerful and fruity (red fruits notes) on the palate, with lovely roasted notes. There are silky and delicate tannins.

Sauvignon Blanc
Frenzy:  9 glass / 27 bottle
Mouth-watering tropical notes of pineapple and passionfruit on a light frame, showing plenty of herbal accents of lemongrass and thyme.

Piquitos Valencia:  7 glass / 21 bottle
Pronounced fruit and floral notes reminiscent of mandarin peel, honeysuckle and sweet orange blossom.

M. Chapoutier Cotes-du-Rhone Belleruche Rose:  9 glass / 27 bottle
Aromas of red fruits and citrus (grapefruit, etc.) are complemented by notes of exotic fruits.  The wine is fresh, delicate and fruity on entry and underpinned by a lovely freshness that prolongs the drinking enjoyment.

Pinot Noir (Currently Unavailable)
Smith & Perry:  9 glass / 27 bottle
This balanced Pinot Noir captures the land's character with bright red fruit and floral aromas.