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In addition to Station 1 beer, we offer a rotating selection of guest beers both on taand in cans, including NA, Sours and Ciders.

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Kolsch / 20 IBU / 5.1% AB

Legend has it townsfolk back in the day tried to re-route the Suamico River through downtown using a few sticks of dynamite and (maybe) some liquid courage.  Say cheers to their efforts with our Kolsch-style ale - clean and fresh with a subtle fruit flavor. 

Cream Ale / 9 IBU / 5.5% ABV

The Swam-I-Ko Creamery once delivered the locals their cream, milk, butter and cheese.  Our all-malt, lager-style beer delivers delicate malt and lightly-hopped (dairy-free) goodness.

Honey Ale / 27 IBU / 4.9% ABV

Save the bees, man! We thank the hard-working bees and beekeepers at Maple Buzz Apiary in De Pere for the delicious honey used in our honey ale. Slightly sweet, with delicate hints of bread and honey. A summer crusher all year long!

Amber Alarm / 23 IBU / 5.7% ABV

A malty, moderate-strength American Amber with a slight roast flavor.

IPA / 55 IBU / 5.1% ABV

In 1862, the Weed Brothers built the Weed Mill Inn to serve the needs of the local lumber mill in Suamico.  Today, our exceptionally drinkable IPA combines the fresh grapefruit-peel and funky resin character of two classic American hops strains, with lightly toasted malt backing their clean, snappy bitterness. 

IPA / 56 IBU / 4.8% ABV

A smooth, medium-bodied IPA with a floral, fruity punch from Bravo hops.

American Porter / 19 IBU / 5.3% ABV

An easy-drinking American Porter with medium-light roast aroma and chocolate background.

American Stout / 50 IBU / 6.1% ABV

A dark, rich and chocolatey American Stout.

German-Style Pilsner / 32 IBU / 4.8% ABV (Seasonal)

A salute to the hard-working people of Suamico past and present, our German-style Pilsner is brewed with noble hops.  A moderately bitter lager with bready notes and a lingering finish.

Marzen / 24 IBU / 5.6% ABV (Seasonal)

Our medium bodied, amber-colored Oktoberfest is a lightly-hopped Marzen, tasting malty-sweet with gentle notes of honey and bread.


Station 1 offers an assortment of fine wines, cocktails and soda for those who wouldn't describe themselves as "beer people."  We have you covered!

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